Mysterious Letter 5

Reme**er the day by *he *ak*? It was so bea***fu*, but not as **at**ul as twink** your *ye* as they refl**t*d the *un’s gol**n ra**. We sa* on that *irty *enc* for hour* toge**her. Rememb**? Remember the duck*? Hah, I don’t thi** *** *o. It doesn’t ma**er, real**. I **n *o ***ger s** you… th** is, be**s* yo* do *** e**s*. Go** *ight, my lov*. Don’t slee* too tight.

~That Dude Eddie~

Please don’t forget to share this. 🙂

Love and Peace.


14 comments on “Mysterious Letter 5

  1. These are always super cool Eddie! 😀

  2. Thanks! Was waiting for this next mysterious letter & more as you share them!!!

  3. tee hee love these – thanks – ****e

  4. Hi there, I have nominated you for the One Lovely Blog Award! I truly enjoy your site; keep posting! 🙂 Make sure to click the link.

  5. I loved your post! It was enthralling and beautiful. I found myself totally immersed in Sky’s world for a brief moment! I went back and also loved Beauty of tragedy!

    Adieu, scribbler

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