Emptiness Within, Part 1

Immediately after Sky extracted her silver apartment key from the rustic lock on the aging brown door… Immediately after locking her home of reflection, the lights behind her ceased generating light in a spiraling explosion. The piercing crackle of shattering glass slapped Sky Begrenzen’s imagination unknowingly. Of course like it would anyone who was unaware. The inconvenience caused a loss of grip on the cold, colorless key. The sound of the crafted iron bounced two times as it struck the damp and poorly carpeted floor. The key was now loosing itself in a forest as it escaped Sky’s field of vision. The hallway that was accessible once before is now a potential disclosure for composure.

Much like the music flowing from the uniform bars on an grained piano, a foul smell crept upon Sky’s nose and settled unto her unnerving heart with the experience of a talented pianist.  What was going on?! What was this horrible odor?! Question, question. Was this the smell of decaying death? Or perhaps, was this what Sky imagined lifeless life to smell like? No one was there to answer the questions. Surely a crazed sense of misunderstanding won’t allow resolve. No one was there. Not one living soul was there. All that was there was the sound of a desperately pounding heart enclosed in a sealed chest. Silence offered no conclusion to the mystery of the shadowing wave of darkness. Because of the black ocean consuming her, she was now pressed against her apartment’s door, terrified, lost in her own mind, and unable to identify the horrible smell and understand the connection between the unjustified events that recently occured. The lights she so often took for granted were now resuming to oppose their intentional function. It was the strangest thing. It was sickening and made the innocent woman’s skin shift. Sky shielded her weary face with her trembling hands to mask herself away from the asphyxiating aroma. She was being choked by essence of consumed light.


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Peace and Love.


9 comments on “Emptiness Within, Part 1

  1. Oh the anticipation…

  2. “She was being choked by essence of consumed light” I love this line..

  3. So interesting that her name is Sky in this closed space. Cool. k.

  4. This part 1 was fantastic. Makes me want to read more. Well done. 🙂

  5. like this eddie….nice job!!

  6. Strong stuff palpable air of panic and confusion.

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