Locksix Humphrey

Another day, another lack thereof a dollar.

Rent needs to be renewed, but the hair in the bank is dank and growing taller.

Heaven-sent audits attribute to discrete secrets in locked closets.

Hell-bent, sell a dent in a wallet for profit.

Funds can’t sit, so they run. Life’s NO fun and the account’s getting smaller.

Locksix can solve all of life’s problems. Instead, Humphrey wants to have a ball.

Please don’t fall. Freeze and crawl.

Dreams to achieve manifest deeds to succeed in a mind of stress.

No more rest, just a rush of lust addressed in Locksix’s chest.

He decided to make a move. Pick up the phone and get in the groove.

“Collect some dust and the world’s yours to rule.”

“Don’t meet your doom by being a fool. Take up living like building a school.”

Skip up the story and go to the moral.

Conceived greed. He always wanted more.

Locksix Humphrey was immortal.

That is… until Carl kicked down his door.

He unloaded lead in his head.

Hopes are now crushed and Locksix Humphrey is dead.

A tall tale of good turned wicked.

A healthy heart burned and flailed, a sad ballad.

~That Dude Eddie~

Please don’t forget to share this. 🙂

Love and Peace.


17 comments on “Locksix Humphrey

  1. Oh dear – I have to admit this made me grin – I guess that makes me a bad person 🙂

  2. hey welcome back dude!! shall i buy you a lottery ticket?! 😉

  3. Nice work

  4. Nice wording

  5. Hi Dude,
    You have a lot of talent my friend – use it wisely

  6. I like your style of rhyming and your choice of words. It flows nicely and has a musical quality to it. I can even hear it spoken. Do you perform your poetry as well?

  7. Tomorrow is the 1st of the month and this poem is my making my heart ache because of it. I really like your style and the fact that it is utterly up to interpretation. P.S. thank you for liking my poetry, that made me feel pretty swell inside

  8. If only dollars were easier to come by!!

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