sOcKs oF tHe RoCkS

Sliiiidde throught…


End is you..

Is the stew..

A piece of writing, not so exciting?

Or enticing, overstood, under the hood…

Life life, my, my, realize it is what it not is.

Or what it is..


Skip the hype of ripe grapes on a blue vine.

Not that of a manufactured line on a citrus of lime and reckless time.

If THE socks talked, would they rock?


would you listen?

Or would you call them crazy and close your ears until they were silenced?


~That Dude Eddie~




Please don’t forget to share this. :)

Love and Peace.


5 comments on “sOcKs oF tHe RoCkS

  1. if they rocked, i think i’d wear them! 😉

  2. Whew! My g-daughter’s socks talk. Look out.

  3. this is some great stuff keep up the great job

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