Two Phones Droned

Story with, mass production. What those devils do not understand – a life consumed by foreign exchange. The pain. The pain? I laugh, maybe I’m insane. Story with. This life, a mind, acute, so cute – filled with a cursed understanding of what is understood. Who am I? A face without a face. Eddie let them know where to go, a mechanically murdered puzzle of fuzz. Oh. I want my money, my ice sliced, spread like honey. Cup life, squared life.

~That Dude Eddie~


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Love and Peace.


12 comments on “Two Phones Droned

  1. puzzle of fuzz…that says t-shirt to me!! 😉

  2. a mechanically murdered puzzle of fuzz. – what a brilliant line. This captures for me the total panic when the bills come in and there is no way to pay them – I don’t know if that was what you intended but there we are. thanks – Diane

  3. So much in this…wonderful language and images!

  4. cup life, squared life…fantastic.

  5. this is great Eddie…Just tumbles out of the mouth in the greatest way

  6. Prose and poetry all wrapped up in one enjoyable read.

  7. Love the use of words in this piece. Puzzle of fuzz does sound like a t-shirt in the making, as a previous comment had point it out.

  8. Thanks for liking my postcard fiction today! I’ll be checking your site often. Loved the short piece above.

  9. Poetry generally isn’t my thing, but I looked through a few of your poems and I really enjoyed this one. The rhythm is amazing!

  10. Your talent is awesome for one so young, grasshopper! LOL! Love this…:-D

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