Mysterious Letter 4

Was it me? The blo** is stil* col*.. I nev*r mean* *o brin* *ou do*n, plea**, I’m sor**. I’m goin* no*here… I keep seei** you wherever **e whi*per* tra**l. The pa*s*on bur*s… I slo**y wat*hed yo* leav*, please come b***.. I thoug** I underst***, but I was wron*. I f*nally understa** now – when i* wa* t** lat*. You’re probably happier without me.. I don’t even know why I wrote this letter. It’s no* lik* it’ll ma** a **ference..

~That Dude Eddie~

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Love and Peace.


8 comments on “Mysterious Letter 4

  1. Im going to have to get the pen out to write this down to properly see what you did.

  2. Keep ’em coming – I enjoy the mysterious letters!

  3. its getting a lot harder now huh? ๐Ÿ™‚

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