The Day of Age

Is it hopeless if the Willow pouts when in doubt?

Blushing firmament, broken turns again, sugar-scouts, losing focus, eternal inferno slowly… slowly, slowly, slowly, (comma, comma, coma… foam)… burning out.The FlAmEs ArE everlasting, a new hope was prejudiced. The blasphemies concur to the shoes of thieves   persecuted for modern, media-portrayed, malicious deeds. The trees are diseased by the scandals who breathe for a creed, books and shambles. Memories are piled in acute queue collage.Cliff.

~That Dude Eddie~

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Love and Peace.


11 comments on “The Day of Age

  1. seriously do you rap! i find myself rapping when i read your work…it’s awesome!

  2. buckwheatsrisk should record and share… 🙂 Love this post dudeeddie

  3. i liked the flow of your mind on this eddie, like a rebellious little kid with a mind of a 40 years old man, cool 🙂

  4. good flow and use of line length. syncopation i’d call it. you like ee cummings?

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