Giant Room

Footstep, footstep on the dissolving floor. Where is my home? Tangled beneath the tangible jungles of ambiance. “Boo,” says the ghost, “who,” asks the lonely girl on the swing who’s hair is caged by the ashes of distraught demons. Weird. Or rather, wired by corpses. The horses occupy the trolls who’s faces imitate the lost souls frozen in dysfunctional places. This writing…? Pointless. Who’s diary does this account for? What fist is South Pawed? These, those, my foes, I suppose. Close the book.

~That Dude Eddie~

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Love and Peace.


11 comments on “Giant Room

  1. rappin to the giant room! man you are a good writer!

  2. Thanks for following my blog. I like yours very much.

  3. I believe it’s the left fist that Southpawed…just so you know. Nice wordplay – wired/weird, etc.

  4. This is great Eddie! It invokes a cool atmosphere and has excellent rhythm…:-D

  5. Very vivid; i like

  6. Lol – I love your style and what a punchy rhythm – I really enjoyed this one!! 🙂

  7. Thanks for liking my post. I like this!

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