Mysterious Letter 3

The time I spent sitting with you at that table tonight was mesmerizing… I was lost in your eyes. I felt at peace for once.. I didn’t want to leave… I didn’t want to leave because I knew how the rest of my night was going to turn out… with me crying over another stupi* *ette*… *he t*ars are alrea** dripp*** *nto th* pap*r.. I’m sorry….. I know you told me not to cry. You said I was strong. I wiped the tears now. No more tears.. no mo** *ears..

I hope we can see each other again..


(The name is illegible)

~That Dude Eddie~

Mysterious Letter

Mysterious Letter 2


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Love and Peace.


15 comments on “Mysterious Letter 3

  1. The No more tears in astericks made me say “no more fucking tears” in my mind just because of the repetition of the line and the use of astericks. Very clever.

  2. The way this pops out of intimacy and formality is very interesting – k.

  3. so sad. so sad. so *er* sad.

  4. intriguing and really very sad and heart rending – especially so as the signature is illegible – this somehow adds to the hopelessness. Very well done

  5. Interesting form. I like it.

  6. First, thank you for following my blog. It’s always encouraging to know that someone likes my writing. Second, I like this piece. “Mysterious letter 3”. I would perfer it hand written to get the point of the tears blurring the words across better. But aside from that, it was very nice. Avant garde. 🙂

  7. Wow. Beautiful really, and I want to know more, but maybe its better leaving it like this because then it can be anything anyone can feel the intensity of it…can’t wait to read more of your work 🙂

  8. aww beautiful poem. I love the line about being “lost in their eyes” – that alone speaks great volumes.

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