Insight on Schizophrenia

Heya guys, I’d like to mention that I created a Squidoo page and put together my first lens. It’s titled “Insight on Schizophrenia.” It was originally a paper I did for school, but I figured I’d submit it to Squidoo, so please check it out.
Also if there are any photographers that would like to lend me some Schizophrenia-related pictures to include in the lens, I would greatly appreciate it. Naturally, I’ll make sure to give you credit for it and create a back-link for you. 🙂

If you enjoy writing, I would definitely recommend you make a Squidoo account. It’s a fun place and you can actually make some extra bucks on there. Ooooooooor, if you choose, you can donate your earnings to charity. Regardless, it’s a neat site.

Nevertheless, I hope to see you guys there! If you have any suggestions for a Squidoo lens, please feel free to share! 😀

20 comments on “Insight on Schizophrenia

  1. Thanks for the heads up on Squidoo Eddie! I will checkitout! ;-D

  2. i read your article and found it very informative, my experience with one in particular individual was very traumatic for me. it was a really bad situation. this individual went absolutely berserk, seeing things, tearing through the hospital, bit my hubby, had to have a whole team of security guards, docs and nurses pin her to the ground, she bit the security guard, and that is just the short of it, so i am unsure of being around someone with the illness. please don’t take that wrong, just scares me because of said experience.

    On a side note, what is Spuiddoo all about? How does it work?

    • I’m sorry you had to experience that. Not all schizophrenics are like this. That’s a very bad first impression to say the least. Squidoo is a place where you write about things that interest you, kind of like a blog. But what I’ve noticed informational articles seem to work the best. I’m sure you have noticed ads on my article. Well basically if you would have clicked on one and/or bought those books you’ve seen between the writing I would have gotten a percentage.

      I took the liberty of Googling your question and found this Squidoo article that explains it better than I could. 🙂


      Let me know what you think.

  3. That was interesting. I had read about it before, but I liked the way you pointed out there could be a positive side to it.

    • Well like many things in life schizophrenia is something you just have to live with. So why not make the best out of the situation, right? I don’t think God makes mistakes, so if He gave it to you its for a reason and its up to the person to find out what it is. Don’t you agree?

  4. hi eddie, I’ve been searching for a legit site wherein you could post and get paid.. how did the advertisements reached your site? would love to know more infos about it… I’m just a PM away (by the way, i already followed you on Twitter 🙂 )

    and another by the way, will click on your article in a short while 🙂

  5. I just did an entire segment on schizophrenia on my blog. My daughter has been dx’d with having psychosis nos….although I believe we are working more towards a mood disorder than anything else. Feel free to check out the info I have….http://moorestorms.com/category/schizophrenia/

  6. It is very natural for us to have several perspectives. At this point in time, our society labels it as a disorder.

  7. glad you found my blog, interesting to read yours…my husband had bi-polar and was in a great film called insight in mind (was on channel 4 a few years ago and shown at a few cinemas) that celebrated the creativity of people with bi-polar as well as offering ideas for how to support a low and channel a high…hearing voices happens a lot in bi-polar too, one of the great things about mobile phones is people are less quick to judge when they hear someone talking “to themselves”.
    hope that works, it doesn’t look quite right?! anyway, google andy’s abc of insanity and they have the animation clip from the film, really strong anti-stigma poem…also mutter,mutter,mutter…
    all good wishes!

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