Mysterious Letter 2

I di**’t know how to s*ow yo* tha* I *ared… you alway* k*ck** me when I ne**ed you, Ed***.. I st**l really ***e *ou, even th**gh we **nt ou* separ**e ways. I wi** we didn’t have to *o thi* ** ea*h ot*e* any*ore… You will always have a specia* **ace in my hear*. I alwa** accepte* you for what yo* ***e… The **a* from the flames is alway* ***re, ***ie. Make it st**, I’m sorr*, plea**.

~That Dude Eddie~

Mysterious Letter

Mysterious Letter 3


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Love and Peace.


17 comments on “Mysterious Letter 2

  1. Okay the face I can read this is hilarious bud! 🙂 Nice one haha

  2. i love this it’s brilliant!

  3. We must all be brilliant to be able to “read between the lines”. Nice job!

  4. Reading between the lines – exactly! K.

  5. This is awesome. Really creative. One of those pieces you wish you’d have thought of. Very cool. Thanks

  6. This is just great! Love it! 🙂

  7. This is really interesting – I’m not sure if this is how you intended it, but what I love about this is that you can tell the writer is trying to express a very true emotion, but still isn’t really capable of saying it straight out, that kind of self-censorship that happens when you have something true to say but would rather hide from reality. Really great way of portraying that, nice job.

    Also, thanks for visiting my blog, really appreciate it. Keep writing.

  8. Very inventive and cool Eddie! 😀

  9. A brilliant way to express someone’s disability to utter feelings…
    Thanks for visiting my blog, although you are not known to Urdu… 🙂

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