iLLmont Forrealmont

Hey guys, okay, this isn’t a poem. I just briefly wanted to discuss a group of friends of mine by the name of iLLmont. But before I get into the topic, I’m gonna’ mention that they’re associated with the ever-so-controversial-stereotypical subject of hip-hop. (STOOOP EEETTT)Yes, anyways, they’re really cool, chilled out people. Their music takes my mind to such amazing places, which isn’t too common with the modern-state of hip-hop. That, however, is another discussion. It’s just sooo… for a lack of a better word, funky. If you get a chance, pay the links below a visit and check them out for yourself.
Green Slurpee
Miscellaneous Info
Like what you hear? Download their album, it’s free! 😀
You can also join their fan page on Facebook and follow up on their newest stuff! 

So… What do you guys think?

7 comments on “iLLmont Forrealmont

  1. I love this! their site is awesome. They remind of 93 til infinity from souls of mischief. Chill and good rhymes. Thanks for the post and heads up.

  2. I like it. 🙂 Thanks for posting bud.

  3. They are good….very chill!

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