Social Hooplah!

Recently, I’ve created several profiles on various social networking sites. In case you guys wanna’ learn more about me on a personal basis, feel free to add me.






10 comments on “Social Hooplah!

  1. eddie….if you just want to add with your real name you can. you can find me on facebook as you see my name here. will be nice to have you aboard. we can keep it real on facebook.

  2. hey, twitter said that it doesn’t exist! :/

  3. Hmmm…well, I’m on Twitter…

  4. Nice little piece on time, Eddie! I won’t call it a timepiece, since a big part of your idea here is that those fall short.

    Thank you for your reads and likes on my blog, and good luck with putting together your book. Sounds like a great idea.

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