Serpent’s Tongue

We took the forbidden fruit.. and we’re now suffering for it. We were given choices, but we chose the wrong ones. The poison on the serpent’s tongue is bitter with envy, although, it stings with hatred. Its venom slithers without form, antagonizing those whom lived their lives without knowing. We all fall short, but we were made to love one another. Pass on the love.

~That Dude Eddie~

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Love and Peace.


23 comments on “Serpent’s Tongue

  1. So nice when it happens! But it’s really hard to get over the lump of that poison. Your poem makes me think of a snake trying to digest something–you know when it has a big lump in its middle—wise words. K.

  2. I hear ya, life can be bitter sweet depends on which way you want to go, down or up … Peace

  3. Nice to meet a fellow poet! Looks like you have a lot of stuff for me to check out…so give me a while! 🙂

  4. Indeed we do need to share the love.

  5. It’s what being a human being is all about, you cannot love without first falling short 🙂

  6. Logically, if there was no sin, there would be no need of a God either.
    Yes, always pass on the love.

    • I can still see the need for God although the relationship with God would be a very different one.

    • Although I understand your thinking I don’t believe that is true. God created the universe and animals before he created man, therefore the universe and animals need God and the animals don’t sin. Animals are the only creatures that we know of that don’t sin yet they need God or they wouldn’t survive. We need God whether we live a righteous life or not, we need to have guidance to find truth. We don’t have God so we can sin, we have God so we try not to sin intentionally, therefore no matter what, Man will always need God

  7. I really like this Eddie…Very thought provoking…:)

  8. Genesis 2-3 is a complex story, but I agree with the kids who argue God wanted the couple to eat from the tree — otherwise he wouldn’t have put it in the MIDDLE of the garden and told them not to touch it. The real shortcoming here isn’t disobedience but Adam’s failure to come to Eve’s defense. Or, from another point of view, this is where the human drama really begins.

    • I believe it had nothing to do with a piece of fruit, I believe the ‘Apple’ but instead the fruit of the loins which Satan tempted Adam and Eve who were at puberty tempted them to have sexual relations in which they then became very aware of their sexuality. God didn’t want them to enter into union until he felt they were ready and why they were punished, they had sex before marriage. The Garden of Eden is virginity as we are to treat our bodies as our temple. That’s my opinion. The whole actual fruit tree was an analogy. Remember the Bible was not originally written in English and lost in translation is very common

  9. i like this one , it gives me a sense of never giving up

  10. Love the way this one ends.

  11. Amazing description. And thank you for visiting and liking Daylight Tune Ministry blog.

  12. Nice thoughts….Thanks also for visiting my blog

  13. I like it.

  14. We must be careful what we say and how we say it. Words mean things.

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