The Hands on the Clock

It’s worth a second read, even a third.

That Dude Eddie

The hands on the clock, seldom endorsed by time, fall short of their purpose, and fail to rewind. So I find myself constantly going in circles, alone. I’m not accompanied by the hands on the clock, but instead, soar through time, aimlessly, searching for an end. Things are not as they seem and circumstances need careful review. Watch what you’re watching. Think before you do.

~That Dude Eddie~

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Love and Peace.

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21 comments on “The Hands on the Clock

  1. i dig this one eddie. it has a bit of a dark element. to me the clock makes life dark. and this is something you may be saying here. also, one must soar in the circles, such as right here in blog land. you are right, watch you are watching. analyze all the time.

  2. Very good! Time – one of my favorite subjects during my prison visits.

      • I visit men in solitary confinement. Most will never get out of prison. My emphasis is on the now-ness of their existence, to avoid spending all their time regretting the past, dreading the future, and missing the present. Filling the present moment with meaning is difficult when tomorrow will look like today which looks like yesterday. But they can do it if the present can be experienced in its fullest. Even when I’m standing at their door.

    • How you break it down, below, has me braking on my guilt over sometimes wasting time.

  3. I keep re-reading it and I’m like ‘Yes, yes, that’s how it is for me too…’

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  5. This is a very good one, Eddie! The extended metaphor. And Time is so very difficult. Well done. k.

  6. good stuff , looking forward to reading more 🙂

  7. I enjoyed your post. Very thoughtful.

  8. Thank you for checking out my page. Best wishes in your book effort.

  9. Hmmm… Metacognition – “Watch what you’re watching. Think before you do.” This one intrigues me. I gave it a 2nd read… and a 3rd….

  10. Wow, this is beautiful. I love the emotion and imagery behind “fail to rewind” – what a glorious way to describe the inability to go back in time and “searching for an end” – the way you write it reminds me that that is not the purpose of life, we aren’t here to find an end but to enjoy the journey. Thank you for liking my post/poem, I’m brand new to blogging and it means a lot!

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