Message To All My Followers

I’m in total awe because of you guys. I’ve been searching for understanding most of my life, and I’ve recently found my way of releasing tension – through my poetry. Once I had people understanding, and even relating to what I was saying, I was overwhelmed, not to mention a busy week of actually “balancing” my life. Nevertheless, I appreciate every follower, every like, every comment (those of which I will reply to when I’m presented with opportunity). I want to say thank you to everyone, honestly.


8 comments on “Message To All My Followers

  1. i am glad to hear that you have found an outlet to express. it’s a good thing to do my friend. keep working at it and keep reading as it will only enhance what you are currently doing.

  2. We wuv u 2, Eddie! Keep on expressin’ yosef, brotha.

  3. Thanks for stopping by my blog Eddie, and liking one of the posts 🙂

  4. Writing is cathartic no doubt. And a good way to stay out of trouble too! hehh

  5. Writing opened many doors for me too. Keep pen to paper… it just keeps getting better!

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