nO fOOD, nO dRINKS. The essence of soul. The essence of life. Imagine the truth, the red pill, the wrong hand. Choose your path and walk ’til flight. Fight for what you believe is WRITE, WRITE, right. Go left. nO fOOD, nO dRINKS. Pain in a child’s chest. THEY’re ForceD to live to deAth under endless stress. For as long as hatred is expressed, humanity will regress. Never sleep on these, those – your foes, the devils, I suppose. They’LL certainly put you to eternal rest. No Food, No Drinks.

~That Dude Eddie~

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Love and Peace.


5 comments on “TaTA

  1. You really capture the frustration of the limiting things in life, and much in life oppresses us. But you also capture our escape–writing or expression– that will free us from this world. Nice use of rhythm and repetition. Thanks for stopping my blog and liking my poem.

  2. random words, amazing sequences..dude, loved this!

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