House Phone on the Couch

I’m at the point in which I have to move onto the next point. There are no longer any cheeks to turn. I am cornered in a ovular room and slowly but surely being shoved off the edge of hopelessness. I panic, so I knock on the door. No answer. There’s seldom a reason to look forward because the room is shrouded by darkness. I see speckles of hope, fortunately. So I guess all hope isn’t gone. Since my back is filing off of the edge, my eyes begin to leave my body. I have no choice but to oppose the forces of oppression and venture through the darkness blindly. I reach out to the tiny speckles as they increase in size. As they’re in the grasp of my hand, a slap to my face causes me to lose focus. The slap is from my own hand. Once again, the speckles are dim and I fall to my knees. The darkness begins to swallow me. However, I move forward with hesitance, for I can still see the hope. I then resume to knock on the door once more. No answer again, at least, that is what I thought…

~That Dude Eddie~

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Love and Peace.


4 comments on “House Phone on the Couch

  1. Ha ha….I have felt this way before.

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