Mysterious Letter

Dear **** *a*****,
    I’ve know yo* for a while now, but it seems that our **lation**ip is headed *own  hil*. Some night*, when I **y *n my bed, alone, YOU c*oss my m**d. I wish thin** didn’t turn out the way they did, *ut, I g**s* it’s bes* for each of us to mo*e on and go out separa** ways. I *ea**y wish you kne* how I felt about y** and how mu** you HURT me. It doesn’t *atter, tho*gh, *ecaus* I’LL be long gone b* t** t**e yo* r*** *his…
                                                                                                                       ****n *********

~That Dude Eddie~


Please don’t forget to share this. :)

Love and Peace.


12 comments on “Mysterious Letter

  1. arrg, it’s frustrating that I couldn’t decode some of it ! very creative indeed, though its a sad letter 🙂

  2. Fun! The brain will automatically fill letters in — and *osty *et *hem *ight! Another unique use of sculpting a poem is “sawing” your words horizontally halfway up (remove the top half). Again, the brain is able to make the adjustment! You might experiment.

      • Write any sentence. It doesn’t even have to make sense. Make it as long as you want as long as it’s only one line across the page. Take a ruler and a black magic marker and black out the TOP HALF of the sentence. Ex, if your typeface is 14 points, then you will black out the top seven points. Make sense? Then, have anyone try to read it. They will be able to. Also, if I write sentence, your brain will fill what’s missing.

  3. A challenge to read, but not as much as one would think, it just takes a little longer – Anyway, perfect fit to a poetic letter like this 🙂

  4. Lovely and terribly sad. (:

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