Carriage SELFISH

The heavy armor and steel feels so real.

I try my hardest to harness the will to harvest my next meal.

My selfish desires strangle my soul and flood me with fear.

We’re trapped in a glass boxxx and too blind to hear.

I’m entangled by hatred and pain.

Words on a paper cannot depict the conflict brought by the rain.

All they ever did was turn their backs on me.

When I needed a hug, I got absolutely nothing – but it wasn’t hard for me to believe.

I think about it night and day.

I don’t want to lose you. I’ve lost too much by now and just want some sunshine glaring my way.

~That Dude Eddie~

Please don’t forget to share this. :)

Love and Peace.


10 comments on “Carriage SELFISH

  1. really dig this eddie. carrying a great message about life and the importance of the word even though sometimes they may not be there when you want them.

  2. ..too blind to hear.-jives perfectly…yeah,been there before and apparently at present… nice work there 😉

  3. Help me out here. The title, Carriage SELFISH . . . your selfishness is a conveyor? I see mixed contrasts in the verses (too blind to hear), conflict brought on by the rain). Who is “they”? All the important people in your life? Your parents? No hugs.

    So, my impression of this piece is that the metaphors are mixed, and that you are depicting loss, fear of loss, self-protection (armor, steel) among other things. Tone is confused — loose — and almost frantic.

    But then, that’s just me. As I’ve learned, each reader takes away something different because the work is filtered through their own experiences.

    • My pieces are intended to mess with your mind. Occasionally, they confuse you. Other times, they frustrate you. Once you have an emotional connecting with my writings, they’ll take you on a roller-coaster. My titles are manifestations of the mood I’m in when I write them. Some times, I’m feeling goofy. I would then name them based of something I see in my environment. Other times I’m lost in my mind. I’ll then name the piece based off of the overall message of the poem or the strong emotional connection I have with it.

  4. Good word play and rhyming and overall message. I can feel the conveyed emotional ambiguity. Very very nice!

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