The Hands on the Clock

The hands on the clock, seldom endorsed by time, fall short of their purpose, and fail to rewind. So I find myself constantly going in circles, alone. I’m not accompanied by the hands on the clock, but instead, soar through time, aimlessly, searching for an end. Things are not as they seem and circumstances need careful review. Watch what you’re watching. Think before you do.

~That Dude Eddie~

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Love and Peace.


91 comments on “The Hands on the Clock

  1. and don’t get dizzy while you’re thinking! 😉

  2. Time is an asterisk*
    Thanks fer stoppin by my site…this is an interesting piece….one of my favorites that I have read of yer work so far…like always…simple lines on the surface, but the more you re-read the deeper you can go…

  3. .. and time is a conversation.. thought provoking words. 🙂

  4. Time — and clocks — are great themes. I appreciate the fact that the hands “don’t rewind” coupled later with “watch what you’re watching. Think before you do.” I’m thinking you’re relatively young for such wisdom!

    If you haven’t, Madelaine L’engle’s “A Wrinkle in Time” is a great read around this theme.

    Oh, and thanks for dropping by my blog and liking “Stop, Drop and Roll.”


  5. sometimes life can feel like going in circles indeed..and thinking before doing is not a bad life motto at all…smiles

  6. I love time just can’t get enough of it
    No matter what
    Even the biggest rock
    Time will turn to sand
    No avoidance of time
    To make just dust of man

  7. thanks for the like. keep truckin’

  8. This sounds like it would flow so well in spoken word. I love the rhythm.

  9. Good poem. Thanks for liking my chat up lines

  10. time is our greatest enemy–good rhyming–the start of a really interesting slam–maybe?

  11. In time to thank you for visiting my poem. Like yours, too.

  12. This is very cool, Dude. I like the timely train of your thought… ~ Lily

  13. potentlyricsIdigIdigIdig!

  14. Time is indeed an interesting concept. 🙂

  15. Time Is

    man made, God ordained

    time is fleeting, yet God will outlast
    the past, before
    the present, now
    the future, comes
    names only, labels to mark our passing

    man made, God betrayed

    or can we regain the past, regretting the future
    or is it the past that makes us look with joy to the future
    setting down truths, lighting our path to the one on High
    or can we find only happiness in desires, the instantaneous pleasures owed to us
    or is it in the here and now where we can do our best work
    our gift to the creator, moment by moment in faith
    Spirit led, Spirit fed
    or is it the future that we grasp for with dirty hands, never obtaining, always complaining
    or is it a vision of not only who we can be
    but a measure of our prize to be gained, a taste of the Devine

    man made, God glorified

    time is irrelevant in the presence of Love
    the past is written, we only to learn
    the present can change, as we apply
    the future brings blessings, from the Father on High

    Time is like a talent given, heavy with responsibility
    years to some, moments to others
    wasted on few, a bountiful harvest in many
    revealing a life lived fully devoted

  16. Thank you for visiting the PCA and liking A Zen Thought. Continued Success with your creativity…keep up the great work, Jay

  17. Cool metaphor and imagery; you’re very talented.

  18. Reblogged this on thatdudeeddie and commented:

    It’s worth a second read, even a third.

  19. Think before you think Dude. Love David
    Thanks for your visit.

  20. Great poem. The trick to time is not to search for an end but to live Now, in the moment. Not in the past because it’s over, not in the future because it isn’t here yet. You got my mind working, thank you!

  21. I also struggle with the concept of linear time. To me, the months of the year occur in over-lapping spirals. And I seem to exist in pockets of time, each moving at their own pace.

  22. I like you analogy of the hands on a clock. I remember an analogy I used many years ago, when I felt adrift. I was a skater on an ice rink, very unsteady on my feet, flailing away with my arms, going in the same direction as the other skater, that is in circles. Only, because of my uncertainty and lack of skill, I was being bumped into. Nonetheless I was going, like everyone else, just in the same direction, namely in circles. Since I found God, or God found me, I feel more directed and purposeful.
    Thank you for liking my poem “Satan’s Mandate”.

  23. Watch what you’re watching and think before you do. Very good advice and thought-provoking!

  24. I like this piece on Time. Thanks for visiting and liking my blog 🙂

  25. the hands on the clock, seldom endorsed by time and which fall short of their purpose – fresh and creative! The hands imagery will soon have to evolve given our increasingly digital world!

  26. labels to mark our passing – i like your words – thank you –

  27. Nice piece on time you’re written – thanks for visiting my blog. Keep up the writing!

  28. This is great. It’s true, time is a b****. I love the imagery of going around in circles, out of control, just like the hands on a clock. And then aimlessly soaring through time. Such great metaphors.

  29. Great work, would you be interested in submitting this piece to Stone Path Review? I am one of the founding editors of this online magazine.

    Please drop me a line if your are interested!

  30. hope you found the end of your circle, your prose is concise yet full of imagry.

    thanks for the visit and like.

  31. What this also describes is a vulture in search of fresh road kill that failed to think before doing.

  32. Hello — this poem is a home run… I have nominated you for the versitile blogger award.


    best of luck…

  33. Love the imagery. Wish I’d said it.

  34. This was an awesome read! I felt like I was spinning with time, but aimlessly lost in the tick tock smoothness of your words. Enjoyed this very much!

  35. I like The Hands On The Clock very interesting. Thank you for reading my poem ‘Destiny’ The Foureyed poet.

  36. The greatest magic in writing is the powerful freedom of the reader to interpret as they will. I never disclose my purpose nor intended message – I marvel at the feedback!

  37. Greetings from a 62 year old…YOU have it! Succinct and to the point! Keep writing!

  38. thank you also for reading my blog! I am now FOLLOWING you! I like your ideas of keeping our Mother Earth in a healthy condition for ourselves and those who follow us!–read this somewhere on your blog. KEEP reminding us through your wonderful verses!

  39. nicely done – love your images – astute

  40. Nice as much as we think we can. there is not control for time or events in our life

  41. I really like “The hands on the Clock”. Made me think about it. AND watch what you’re watching.

  42. thanks for visiting my blog, your peom made me think that time is both a friend and an enemy.

  43. “Think before you do” is always good advice.

  44. Thank you for coming by Rubies Corner . I don’t know how you found my blog, but come again. I came by to see what you have on your blog. It is neat.

  45. like this…much. the feeling of being separate from all that is permanent according to “order” is cool.

  46. Reblogged this on canibefound.

  47. I like the poem. It is short but sends a tall message.

  48. Nice one. It reminds me of a 1970s song, Hyperdrive by Jefferson Starship.

  49. Nice poem. If we could rewind time we’d be able to change everything. 🙂

  50. Thanks for visiting one of my blogs, http://foundinfrance.wordpress.com
    I am glad you enjoyed the post and hope you stop by again sometime.

  51. Time may come and time may go,
    But where it does? surely me and thatdudeeddy don’t know

  52. Very profound and deep, expressed simply — the best way.

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