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Russian Accents

My poetry, or rather what I like to call as “Stoek Manifestation” (I just thought of that), is entirely mine with my Eddie-name written on it – IN BLOOD, or rather, BLUD, ’cause that’s how it’s pronounced. Everything that I’ve projected through my fingies is completely mine. Thus, I am a blue wizard, that of which claims ownership to mytical powers and forces. I am a blue wizard with a white beard, and my job is to confuse you – and I am sure that job is being done! I’m scared to proofread my “pay-per,” but hey, I really don’t care. I just rather share what I feel regardless of the lost thoughts that grazed my mind. I feel indifferent, because that’s what I, and you are. We’re living, breathing people, and we always have something on the outside to reflect what’s on the inside. Publish.


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