Cries of the Heart

When will it stop? No matter how many tears flow down my face, nothing ever changes. Especially not the people, those of whom I practically got on my knees for and begged for their presence and words of comfort. Those who spewed their animosities against me and stabbed at me when I needed them most. But no, I was rejected happiness once more. Once again, for the hundredth time, I’m down in the dumps, and once again, for the hundredth time, no one lifted me up.  Look what you’ve done –  so many tears, SO.. MANY.. tears… just to be dismissed again.The guilt insinuates me. My hallucinations are more violent now, and every time I picture my mom’s innocent face, I cower in fear. I want her to hold me, but for right now, she’s not available. No one is, so who can I turn to? When will it stop? Please Lord, have mercy on this soul of mine. There’s nothing but pain and I don’t wanna’ cry again…

~That Dude Eddie~

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Love and Peace.


3 comments on “Cries of the Heart

  1. So very true, I like what you wrote a lot.

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