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Another Post

It’s too hard to try anymore… I’m lost in whatever’s left of my mind – a nexus of total damnation and eternal solitude. I’m constantly confused and constantly on my knees, crying until my eyes bleed, praying for a better way. It’s seems like happiness is short-lived in my life. Every single time I have it, it flows away from me much like all the blood I’ve lost throughout the years . I wish I didn’t have to live this way, though, but I’m defined by all the negativity and hatred and pain around me… To conclude THIS post, words can’t bring the pain to light. The Lord is my only salvation…

~That Dude Eddie~

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Love and Peace.


One comment on “Another Post

  1. The crazy poet posts poem
    And having
    Posted crazed poem
    Poet, poetry, craziness
    I find what yer doin interesting…keep it up….hang in there bein a young artist weirdo has it’s drawbacks but…
    Okay well it’ mostly drawbacks lolsidc
    Anyway keep doin it…
    I myself am an old poet weirdo so it’s possible to survive…
    Here’s a couple o links to some of my other writin’s
    Older poetry
    Mmmm…Varied Weirdness Opinions/Prose/Ranting
    Anyway like what yer tryin,

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