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Help! Pressure Cooker Explosion!

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That Dude Eddie ~ Rain Ft. Charlie Zero (Produced by ObieDaz The BeatOven)

Hey guys, check out the newest song I did with Charlie Zero! Let me know what you think!

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Briefly, Without Grief, See?

Oh, how your light gleams in the recesses of my heart

Fore, it could not have been touched; the ink is too deep

But as your love seeps, Divine Nectar begins to taste sweet

So, so sweet

It’s sugar to the touch and ecstacy to the look

I’d give it all up to see your radiant smile

That special touch

So, so sweet

But I hold no attachments without the curious limbs of a child

I’ll grip you tightly and never let go…

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That Dude Eddie’s Soundcloud

Hey guys, I have recently put up all of my finished songs onto my Soundcloud – so if you’re interested in hearing some passionate, underground hip-hop/alternative rap music with fruitful messages, please check me out!


That Dude Eddie – Water (Produced by Idotsdot)

Hey guys, check out my newest song – Water! Let me know what you think! If you like it, please share!

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“For Your Ears” by That Dude Eddie

Here’s a song I made for a special someone. Please enjoy ^_^


That Dude Eddie’s Psychophysiological Coherence (First Mixtape)

Hey guys, I finished my first mixtape. Thanks to all of the producers who created these wonderful beats. So listen with me as I look for my mind. Tell me what you think and share if you like ^_^ PEACE and LOVE! 😀