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Mud Trespasser

Danger in the Depths of Manhattan

Credit Goes to The Crime Writers’ Chronicle

Creased veins, why – WHY do you even sucumb to an abberations of distress?

My dormant claw clutches the locked door’s key, gripping tenaciously,

Waiting oh-so patiently for the alteration of an all but distorted time.


The boiling point has consummated a house-hold honor,

Held so dearly to the seed of an infertile fruit -

Oh, weary-weary.



ALWAYS knew what it was, but still I number a delectable countenance.

And, like my manifested gifts, my unopened presents – I aspire to compress my lips,

While my wretched tongue drags across the morbid flesh of vile, yet angelic indecencies.

I’m talking to you, so get away.


Get away.. but not by a measured distance – ONLY by a displeasurable bond,

One of which was shared, but one, who was a witch, all but cared.

I then let the key dangle from a rusted chain…

Waiting to watch how I waste my time waiting…


Living Dead (My First Song)

Hey guys, I recently recorded my first song. Although we had some engineering issues, I think it came out pretty well. Let me know what you think!


Seagull Sky

Red Flag Alert SF Gate Pushes Contrail

Credit Goes to Florida Gulf Sky Watch

While swinging around the brim of a petrified mushroom, I halt at the echoes of distant engines.

Again, the winged poison soars as if it were a bird,

But.. even the birds sing in acknowledgment to their livelihood.

The chirping feathers voice their souls because they too breathe my air.

It seems as the sun follows me, another roar from my scalp’s attic – my mind’s eye.

I release grip from the natural ladder because of an abrupt disturbance -

Because of the “I’ve already heard it.”

The gaseous harpies cruise the overhead ocean in sequence,

One here and then another to hear.

They only disappear to reappear.

It’s merely a metallic screech, which then leans leftward as if they were turning…

And since they know that they will be burning, they coat OUR skies…

Where seagulls fly…

Without the desire to die…

Only yearning to earn as we sit and I squirm…


Follow Who?!

Hey, how’s it going guys? I know I haven’t been very active recently, but life has made my busy. I even got lost in my mind a couple of times along the way! But – but, but! I have grown and come back! I decided to make some social changes. By that, I mean as far the people I associate myself with and in reference to social networking websites. I made a new Twitter and Facebook account so I could keep up with my followers more personally. For a while, my blog was managed by my older brother – you know, the technical stuff, but now it’s my turn to fully run it. He has now decided to make his own blog and I wanted to send some of my followers his way if it was possible. So, can you guys do me a favor and check out his blog? Also, if you’d like, you can befriend me on my personal Facebook and follow me on Twitter. The links are listed below. Either way, I’d like to thank you guys for sticking with me this long! I love you all! Peace and love! :D


My Brother’s Blog



My New Twitter Account



My New Facebook Account





The Wings of Tree-Fruit

But the string, for me and you

I grow wear and dreary – tomatoes

But only if I say so, butts for pesos and erasers to halos

It is only as I say.


Fore, the plucked castles are the passion and fashion for the hassle

And rain, dripping

Skipping together as we should

But instead, flipping tables at the whim of Gabriel


It’s colloquial

It’s spoken of – before.

But, instead the shock at the tip of the toe

But – how can I grow, Mr. Tomato?


You tell me it is only a fable

But the table, too, is able.

I am the maple.


Have You Ever Heard of Bloglovin?

Turns out its a blog bookmarking site of some sort where you can follow other blogs and they can follow yours. Similar to Google Reader.I think its worth checking out, why not give it a try? Follow my blog with Bloglovin


I just signed up for it so I’m still unfamiliar how it works exactly. Only thing I know is you have to have that link to verify your blog. If you guys have experience with it please share. You know I would do the same. :)


The Silver Casino

So cautious is that soul – it’s been going through the same substance every dawn

There is no ultimatum.

So, uh, that soul pretends to fit in the target’s aim…

But this body, left in the coldest banks, only travels astray.


Through passed nickels and hay -

Fore, day after marked day, that flesh climbs a calendar’s wretched wall.

His wall.

Of paint – even of pain.


And through the disdain, a new picture within the frame.


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