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Just Thoughts…

Is it even merely a reflection, my life? For quite a piece of time, I’ve just sat idly and watched the same scenery. But, perhaps instead of waiting for a change, maybe I should try and enjoy, rather – embrace the “norm.” Even still, I’d like to experience something new. Although all that I go […]

Have You Ever Heard of Bloglovin?

Turns out its a blog bookmarking site of some sort where you can follow other blogs and they can follow yours. Similar to Google Reader.I think its worth checking out, why not give it a try? Follow my blog with Bloglovin   I just signed up for it so I’m still unfamiliar how it works […]

Latex Dreams by That Dude Eddie-Official Release

Heya guyssssssssssssss!!! After months of hard work on the eBook, it’s finally finished!!! Other than writing the book, I haven’t even considered that it would be a bigger hassle to have it available for download. At this moment, the eBook can only be found on lulu.com and is only available in PDF format. Once other formats are […]

A Cool Poetry Site Called Open Mic Voices

Hey guys, I thought I share this poetry site that I recently became a member of.  Its ideal for poets to share their poetry so I thought maybe some of you guys would like to check it out.  It’s called Open Mic Voices, and its a neat community where you can share your poems and […]

Ebook Update: Latex Dreams by That Dude Eddie

Hey guys, I know you haven’t really heard me mention anything about the book lately but I have you know I’ve been working really hard on it. So before its near release let me fill you guys in. Title:  Latex Dreams Author:  That Dude Eddie Release date:  September 2012   I also like to take this […]

Abuse, Survival, and Recovery by Zoe G

Hey guys, here is a blog post worth checking out.  The author’s a awesome person who happened to write her first book titled Abuse, Survival, and Recovery.   In addition, remember to spread the love and stay positive. :)  

My Thoughts on Lil B

Woo, woo, SWAG!!! Ahhh, Lil’ B. The Basedgod – the man, the legend. Well, I’ll be posting a short review on this artist now. The issue, though, is that there’s nothing I can say about him that his music hasn’t already voiced. To begin, I can mention how he accurately portrays the limits to peoples’ […]

Squidoo Lenses

Here is an invitation for you to join me on Squidoo.  This is a simple share, so I will keep it short. :) I’m writing lenses on Squidoo and would love you to join me. Peace and Love.

Insight on Schizophrenia

Heya guys, I’d like to mention that I created a Squidoo page and put together my first lens. It’s titled “Insight on Schizophrenia.” It was originally a paper I did for school, but I figured I’d submit it to Squidoo, so please check it out. Also if there are any photographers that would like to lend me […]


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